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    This document is created alongside Dr. Im of ITEC 1001 to furhter my gradepoint average and hopefully give me an ending class average of an A.

    This is Edwards's Page, enjoy!

    This page is created to help me understand coding and to contiune my journey to success

    Things I enjoy

    1. Making music
    2. Going out
    3. Chilling at my house

    Some of my favorite movies

    1. law abiding citizen
    2. Book Of Eli
    3. Goodwill Hunting

    A picture I really enjoy because it is very peacfull to look at

    Hey! This is Eddie's Page
    Classes Times
    World relegion 9:00 am M-W-F
    Pyscology 1:00 pm M-W-F
    Itec1001 10:00 am T-Tr
    English 1102 2:00 pm F

    College schdeule

    This is one of my favorite memes